Courses I am currently teaching at SoD, UPES:

  1. User-Centered Design
  2. Immersive User Interfaces (AR/VR)
  3. Tangible User Interfaces
  4. Machine Learning for Designers
  5. Design Research Methodology
  6. Interaction Design
  7. Design Projects (Sem 4, B.Des IxD - see their work)




Opportunities for Students

Project openings (for UPES students only):


Project 1: Exploring Contact-less or Mid-air gestures and Interactions for Visually Impaired to tackle challenges due to COVID19


Desired Skills: Design Thinking, Electronics, Coding


I am looking for a team of 2-3 students from Design (IxD/ Product) and Engineering background (with hands-on experience in prototyping electronics and coding).



Project 2:  Human-Drone Interactions for Rapid Surveillance during COVID19. The project is being jointly carried out in collaboration with Dept. of Aerospace and School of Design.


Desired Skills: Design Thinking, Electronics, Coding, Understanding of Drones, Experience with building/ flying drones will be a plus.


Description: We are looking for a team of 3 - 4 students from Design (IxD/ Product), Aerospace Engineering, CSE/Electronics.



Interested students can send in your e-mail to me at


Application should contain:

  1. Which project are you interested in (Project 1 or Project 2) - you can only choose one
  2. A brief statement about your interest in the project and how do you plan to tackle the challenges
  3. An expected time-line of deliverables (in the next 2 months)
  4. Portfolio and CV (or any link of your work)




1. DMI: Design Value Awards, deadline June 25, 2020

2. A'Design Awards








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