Course(s) I am teaching at HCD, IIITD


Design Projects @ IIITD

1. BTP = 3 (ongoing) (SafaAR, CCI, AR Sand Table)

2. IP = 4 (completed) - Winter and Summer Sessions



Courses I taught at SoD, UPES:

  1. User-Centered Design (B.Des) [B.Des 2019-2023 work]
  2. Computation in Design and Creativity (M.Des)
  3. Physical Computing (M.Des)
  4. Immersive User Interfaces (AR/VR) (B.Des/ M.Des)
  5. Tangible User Interfaces (B.Des/ M.Des)
  6. Machine Learning for Designers  (B.Des/ M.Des) [Links to B.Des 2020-24 work]
  7. Design Research Methodology (B.Des, M.Des, PhD)
  8. Fundamentals of Interaction Design (B.Des)
  9. Design Projects (Sem 4, B.Des IxD 2018-2022 - see their work) (B.Des/M.Des)



M.Tech/ M.Des Thesis Supervised/ Co-Supervised (M.Tech = 1 (LPU), M.Des = 5 (UPES))

  1. Studio Talent Management, Riddhi Jaiman 2022
  2. ASSISTIVE UI INTERACTION MODEL: Using Assistive UI interaction model, research; conceptualise & design the Application experience, Paromita Pinaki Loha 2021
  3. Virtual Reality Based Fire-Safety Training for Indian Context, Alan Sha, 2020
  4. Design of Humanized In-Car User Experiences, Vishnu Murli, 2020
  5. Library OPAC Website Redesign, Sendhil Malaichamy Solai 2020
  6. Smart Antennas in Emergency Scenario, Dhanya Prakash (LPU), 2013


B.Des Thesis Supervised/ Co-Supervised = 17 (UPES)

  1. Designing an ecosystem for the preservation and propagation of Mukha craft, P R Arjun, 2022
  2. Design of UI for Stratum Five Fleet, Nidhish Kumar Gangwar, 2022
  3. UX Research for understanding User Preferences for Design of website,  Abhyuday Chandravanshi,  2022
  4. Design an interface for Substance addiction recovery, Anand Menon P, 2021
  5. User Interface Design for Xplore, Moitreyee Das, 2021
  6. User Interface Design for Tourism Sector, Makshik Malyan, 2021
  7. Designing an App for Pet Transient Stay, Siddhant Sharma, 2021
  8. Customer Experience for an Automaker Company, Saahil  Sajan Pallipadath, 2021
  9. UAV Interface Design for Better User Experience, Sandipta Tia, 2020
  10. Chukku-Mukku: An tangible  interactive  setup for improving learning experience of primary school children in rural India, Krishna Kant Gupta, 2020
  11. Designing a Bio-Mechanical Generator with Minimal Strain, Abhijith Mohanan Konat, 2020
  12. A portal to carry out safe Blood Transfusion, Manu Shiwani,  2019
  13. Healthcare Assistance for Elderly People, Vidushi Saxena, 2019
  14. Managing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bhadra Pillai, 2019
  15. Design of a wet grinder for Urban Households aiming to improve the product, user experience, functionality and packaging, Vikhyath Krishna Nalla, 2019
  16. Design of customer engagement experience at the Insta-banking kiosks,  Kanan Chavda, 2019
  17. Electric cruise yacht (15 meter),  Devdeep Sarkar, 2019



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