Physical Computing


Chords: An Interactive Poster

     An interactive poster that plays guitar chords upon touch. Made using conductive ink and a makey-makey kit. It was displayed at Pune Design Fest 2019. Here's a quick glimpse of initial explorations and working.


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The Urban Chaos - art that speaks

     Exploring conductive ink to make interactive paintings and artwork. Here, Prasun - an artist and educator at School of Design, UPES, quickly sketches out an urban scenario. It was made interactive using Arduino. Status: Work-in-progress.


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Plant as Switch (exploring human-plant interactivity)

     Inspired from Disney's botanicus interacticus, this tinkering explores how interactivity can be embedded in plants.


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Ambient Intelligence

     A quick exploration of person detection and gesture controlled light using Kinect sensor. Platform: Arduino, Processing.





Noisy Notebook

     A noisy experiment with sound mapping. Platform: Arduino, Processing.






Machine Learning Experiments


Intelligent Table Light

     Turns ON when book is opened, OFF when book closed.





Code + Art

     A few random (not so great!) explorations of creative coding - an ongoing learning. You can interact with these codes using mouse press (just to clear screen).

My Sketch

My Sketch


My Sketch

For this one, Move cursor to paint and Spacebar to clear screen:--

My Sketch

My Sketch

My Sketch

My Sketch


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