I have come across several useful resources/papers/articles. I hope these might also be useful to anyone who is interested in getting more info or working towards designing some solution for this pandemic. While there is a strong need for PPEs and Ventilators, a lot of disruption has taken place  in people's lives at various levels. Out of many challenges that are arising in these testing times, I

feel covering a breadth of issues can help subdue the adverse impacts in someway. This list is a work-in-progress towards bringing awareness, and, at the same time clues, for people to identify various challenges that they might be able to address. Stay safe...


Useful Links/ Resources:


General Information and Updates -

1. Helpline numbers and other info, India by Govt. of India

2. COVID19 Info, India by MoHFW

3. Corona Virus resource center by JHU

4. Knowledge Center for China's Experiences in Response to COVID19


Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) -

1. Guideline for PPE by UWashington

2. Video on safely removing PPE by SHA

3. Sequence on don and doff of PPEs by CDC


Guidelines for Person with disabilities

1. Disability Inclusive Guidelines for protection and safety of persons with disabilities by NIVH

2. COVID19 Resources by NFB


Challenges arising due to COVID19 for people with various disabilities

1. Challenges of Visually Impaired by SCMP

2. Challenges faced by Disabled by SCMP



1. Should You Shave Your 'Quarantine Beard'? by npr

2. The Fight against the 2019-nCoV Outbreak: an Arduous March Has Just Begun by Jin-Hong Yoo





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Status: Work-in-Progress